ArtNet Timecode

This plugin can be used to send the timecode of your running audio files over ArtNet to trigger cues inside a lighting control software or lighting desk which support ArtNet Timecode such as “Chamsys MagicQ”. This plugin works is meant as a alternative to the Chamsys Winamp plugin, which doesnt work under Linux. To get an general idea what is this all about, have a look here.

In order to work, this plugin needs OLA installed and a running OLA session on your computer.

How to use

First make sure that OLA is up and running, http://localhost:9090 gives you the OLA interface.

Timecode Preferences

Timecode - Preferences

To enable and setup the plugin go to File > Preferences > Timecode Settings.

  • Enable Plugin: enables/disable the plugin
  • High Resolution Timecode: enables sending every single frame, to get more accurate timing
  • Timecode Format: choose between SMPTE, FILM and EBU. The format has to match the timecode used by the software which receives it.

Timecode Cue Settings

Timecode - Cue Settings

For media cues you can decide if it sends timecode or not. This can be set in the Cue-Settings > Timecode Tab.

  • Enable ArtNet Timecode: enables sending timecode for this cue
  • Replace HOURS by a static track number: if checked, the HOURS field in the timecode is replaced by a static number, which can be used to identify which track currently sends timecode to your lighting software.


If you work with multiple cuelists on your lighting desk you than can choose the following setup as example:

  • cuelist 1 refers to track 1 and uses HOUR=1
  • cuelist 2 refers to track 2 and uses HOUR=2
  • … and so on