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Cart Layout#

The Cart Layout organize all the cues in grid-like tabs, cues are shown as buttons, as in the following image:

.. image:: _static/cart_layout_main_view.png :alt: Linux Show Player - Cart Layout :align: center

If the cue provides a duration, the current cue time is shown at the bottom of the button.

Layout Operations#

Adding/Removing Pages ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Pages will be added automatically when needed (this behavior can be disabled), or manually, to do so two options are provided, in the top-bar Layout > Add page and Layout > Add pages, the first will add a single page (at the end), the second will show a dialog that allow to insert a custom number of pages.

To remove a page, select the page to be removed, then Layout > Remove current page, a confirmation dialog will be shown, if Yes is clicked, then the page (and cues) will be deleted.

Change page ^^^^^^^^^^^ Pages can be switched using the tab bar on top of the layout or directional keys.

Cues Execution ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A cue can be start/stopped simply Left-Clicking on it.

Cues Editing ^^^^^^^^^^^^ The setting dialog for a cue can be opened in two ways: Right-Click > Edit cue or SHIFT+Right-Click.

Cues can be selected/deselected for multi-editing with Right-Click > Select or CTRL+Left-Click.

Move and Copy Cues ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Cues can be copied or moved (into free spaces) inside a page or between different pages:

  • Move: cues can be moved with CTRL+Drag&Drop

  • Copy: cues can be copied with SHIFT+Drag&Drop

Layout Options#

In the application settings (File > Preferences) various options are provided:

  • Countdown mode: when enabled the current cue time is displayed as a countdown

  • Show seek-bars: when enabled a slider able to change the current playing position of media cues (for media cues)

  • Show bB-meters: when enabled, a db level indicator is shown (for media-cues)

  • Show accurate time: when enabled the cue time is displayed including tens of seconds

  • Show volume: when enabled a volume slider is shown (for media-cues)

  • Automatically add new page: when enabled new pages will be created when the current pages are full and new cues are added

  • Grid size: define the number of rows & columns per page. (require to reload the session)

.. Warning:: When the grid size is changed, cues will be visually shifted to keep their logical positioning.

.. image:: _static/cart_layout_settings.png :alt: Linux Show Player - Cart Layout settings :align: center

.. Note:: Cart Layout does not support cues “next-action”.