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List Layout#

The List Layout, as the name suggest, organize the cues in a (single) list, a sidebar to monitor and interact with the running cues is also provided.

.. image:: _static/list_layout_main_view.png :alt: Linux Show Player - List Layout :align: center

User Interface#

Top Panel ^^^^^^^^^

  • Top left: we can find the GO button, this will execute the selected cue and go forward;

  • Top center: name and description of the current cue are displayed here;

  • Top right: list-control commands are provided, those allow to stop, pause, restart, interrupt and fade all the cues in the list.

Left List ^^^^^^^^^

All the cues are shown here in a list-like view, the following column are shown:

  • (status): the first column show the current state of the cue running/paused/error and a selection indicator

  • #: The cue index

  • Cue: The cue name

  • Pre wait: Pre wait indicator

  • Action: Cue time indicator

  • Post wait: Post wait indicator

  • (next action): What should be done after “post wait”

Right (running) List ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The running cues are shown here, you can stop, pause/restart, interrupt and fade single cues.

Layout Commands#

Navigate the cues ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ To change the current cue, directional keys can be used to go up and down into the list, alternatively Left-Clicking the cue will set it as current.

Cues Execution ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ To execute the current cue, press Space, (can be changed in the layout options) or use the GO button.

Cues Editing ^^^^^^^^^^^^ The setting dialog for a cue can be opened in two ways: Right-Click > Edit cue or Double-Click the cue.

Cues can be selected/deselected with Right-Click > Select, CTRL+Space or CTRL+Click

Move and Copy Cues ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Move: cues can be moved with a simple Drag&Drop

  • Copy: cues can be copied using CTRL+Drag&Drop

Layout Options#

In the application settings (File > Preferences) various options are provided:

  • Show playing cues: show/hide the “Right List” and list control buttons

  • Show dB-Meters: show/hide the db-meters for running media-cues

  • Show accurate time: show/hide tens of seconds for running media-cues

  • Show seek-bars: show/hide seek bars for running media-cues

  • Auto-select next cue: if disabled the next cue will not be selected automatically

  • At list end:

    • Stop: the selection doesn’t change when the last cue is executed

    • Restart: the selection is moved back to the first cue

  • Go key: define up to 4 key-combinations that can be used to execute the current cue, to do so, double click the edit-area, then enter your keys combinations

  • Use fades: when disabled the corresponding buttons on the right-panel executes their action without fades.


.. image:: _static/list_layout_settings.png :alt: Linux Show Player - List Layout settings :align: center