Action cues#

Actions cues allows to control other cues status or parameters.

Collection Cue#

This cue allow to tigger multiple cues at once, for each cue a different action can be specified.
The execution is instantaneous, it doesn’t keep track of the status of triggered cues.

Options (Edit Collection)#

Collection cue options

You can Add cues to the collection via the Add button, and remove the selected one with the Remove button. To edit a value (Cue, Action) Double-Click on it.

Stop All#

This cue simply stop all the running cues, the “stop” action can be configured via the Stop Settings tab in the cue edit dialog.

Seek Action#

This cue allow to seek a media-cue to a specific point in time.

Options (Seek Settings)#

  • Cue: The target media-cue (can be changed via the button labelled Click to select)

  • Seek: The point in time to reach

Volume Control#

This cue allows to trigger a volume change or fade-in/out on a selected media-cue.

Options (Volume Settings)#

Volume Control cue options
  • Cue: The target media-cue (can be changed via the button labelled Click to select)

  • Volume: The volume to reach (in % or dB)

  • Fade: Fading options

    • Duration: Fade duration in seconds (0 to disable fade)

    • Curve: The fade curve

Index Action#

This cue triggers another cue in a specific position (index) in the layout.

Options (Action Settings)#

Index Action cue options
  • Index

    • Use a relative index: When toggled the position is considered relative to the current cue position

    • Target index: The position of the target (the UI will enforce a valid index)

  • Action: The action to execute

  • Suggested cue name: you can copy this value and use it as the cue name