ReplayGain & Normalization

This module provide a simple utility to calculate a Normalized / ReplayGain volume for media cues. The values are used as Normalized Volume for the Volume media-element, if a ReplayGain value is already stored in the media-file metadata (e.g ID3 tags) it will be used.


The original files are left untouched.

How to use

Via Tools > ReplayGain / Normalization menu the following options are provided:

  • Calculate: Open a dialog to set some option and start the calculation
  • Reset all: Reset to 0dB the normalized volumes of all cues
  • Reset selected: Reset to 0dB the normalized volumes, only for the selected cues
Linux Show Player - ReplayGain dialog

  • ReplayGain: Use ReplayGain normalization using the reference value in dB SPL (89 is the standard default)
  • Normalize: Use a simple normalization to the reference value in dB (0 is the maximum value)
  • Only selected cues: apply only to the currently selected cues
  • Thread number: Number of concurrent/parallel calculations (default to the cup cores)


that the process may require some time, depending on the CPU, the number and size of the files involved.