Allow to create, edit, import and export presets for cues.

How to use

The main interface is accessible via Tools > Presets

Linux Show Player - Presets

On the left the list of the available presets (sorted by name), double-click to edit a preset. Multiple preset can be selected using the CTRL and SHIFT.

On the right a series of buttons gives access to the following:

  • Add: allow to manually create a preset
  • Rename: rename the selected preset
  • Edit: edit the selected preset
  • Remove: remove the selected preset
  • Create Cue: create a cue from the selected presets
  • Load on selected Cues: load a preset on selected cues

On the bottom:

  • Export selected: export the selected presets to a custom archive
  • Import: import from an exported preset


The archive use a custom extension to easily filer others files, but it’s a standard zip file.

The following options are provided in the cue context menu (right-click):

  • Load preset: load a preset on the cue
  • Save as preset: save the cue settings as a preset


Preset are saved under $HOME/.linux-show-player/presets/