Media - Custom Elements#

One of the most used functionality of GStreamer is the ability to create pipelines from a text description, usually this is done from a CLI interface (e.g. on a terminal) using the gst-launch program, in LiSP it’s possible to create a custom media-element using this functionality.

Element Syntax#

From this point element(s) refer to a GStreamer component and not to LiSP.



Sets the property to the specified value. You can use gst-inspect to find out about properties and allowed values of different elements.



Creates an element of type ELEMENT-TYPE and sets its PROPERTIES.


The examples below assume that you have the correct plug-ins available. Keep in mind that different elements might accept different formats, so you might need to add converter elements like audioconvert and audioresample (for audio) in front of the element to make things work.

Add an echo effect to the audio:

audioecho delay=500000000 intensity=0.2 feedback=0.3

Add a reverb effect to the audio:

audioecho delay=20000000 intensity=0.4 feedback=0.45

Removes voice from sound (or at least try to do so):

audiokaraoke filter-band=200 filter-width=120

Remove voice from sound and (then) apply a reverb effect:

audiokaraoke filter-band=200 filter-width=120 ! audioecho delay=20000000 intensity=0.4 feedback=0.45

Extracted from the GStreamer SDK docs