Cue Controls

Provide control over cues using keyboard and MIDI.

How to use

Settings are provided per cue, and are accessible through a specific tab in the cue settings window:


Linux Show Player - Controller settings - Keyboard

  • Key: the key (character) that trigger the cue
  • Action: the action to be executed when the key is pressed (Start/Stop/…)

New keys can be added/removed using the buttons at the table bottom. A key can be any single character that the keyboard is able to insert, so special keys are excluded, Upper/lower cases are considered, so “A” is not the same of “a”. In general, what is taken in account, it’s not the pressed key, but the typed character.


Linux Show Player - Controller settings - MIDI

  • Type: The message type (only note_on/off)
  • Channel: MIDI message “channel”
  • Note: MIDI message “note”
  • Action: Action to execute when a matching message is received
  • The MIDI Note “velocity” is ignored

New MIDI messages can be added/removed manually using the provided buttons, or can be captured directly from the device, when doing so, a filter is provided to select the type of messages to be captured.

The used MIDI device can be changed in the application settings File > Preferences > MIDI Settings