List Layout

The List Layout, as the name suggest, organize the cues in a (single) list, a sidebar to monitor and interact with the running cues is also provided.

Linux Show Player - List Layout

User Interface

Top Panel

  • Top left: we can find the GO button, this will execute the selected cue and go forward;
  • Top center: name and description of the current cue are displayed here;
  • Top right: list-control commands are provided, those allow to stop, pause, restart, interrupt and fade all the cues in the list.

Left List

All the cues are shown here in a list-like view, the following column are shown:

  • (status): the first column show the current state of the cue running/paused/error and a selection indicator
  • #: The cue index
  • Cue: The cue name
  • Pre wait: Pre wait indicator
  • Action: Cue time indicator
  • Post wait: Post wait indicator
  • (next action): What should be done after “post wait”

Right (running) List

The running cues are shown here, you can stop, pause/restart, interrupt and fade single cues.

Layout Commands

Cues Execution

To execute the current cue, press Space, (can be changed in the layout options) or use the GO button.

Cues Editing

The setting dialog for a cue can be opened in two ways: Right-Click > Edit cue or Double-Click the cue.

Cues can be selected/deselected with Right-Click > Select, CTRL+Space or CTRL+Click

Move and Copy Cues

  • Move: cues can be moved with a simple Drag&Drop
  • Copy: cues can be copied using CTRL+Drag&Drop

Layout Options

In the application settings (File > Preferences) various options are provided:

  • Show playing cues: show/hide the “Right List” and list control buttons
  • Show dB-Meters: show/hide the db-meters for running media-cues
  • Show accurate time: show/hide tens of seconds for running media-cues
  • Show seek-bars: show/hide seek bars for running media-cues
  • Auto-select next cue: if disabled the next cue will not be selected automatically
  • At list end:
    • Stop: the selection doesn’t change when the last cue is executed
    • Restart: the selection is moved back to the first cue
  • Go key: define up to 4 key-combinations that can be used to execute the current cue, to do so, double click the edit-area, then enter your keys combinations
  • Use fades: when disabled the corresponding buttons on the right-panel executes their action without fades.

Linux Show Player - List Layout settings