Application Menu

Here you can find a comprehensive list of the standard main menu entries. Keyboard shortcut are market like this [key-combination].


  • Some of the shortcuts may be different based on the used locale (language)
  • In Ubuntu Unity (7 and earlier) shortcuts will not works

File menu

  • New session: [CTRL+N] Open a new (empty) session, if the current session is not saved a confirmation dialog is shown.
  • Open: [CTRL+O] Open a saved session, if the current session is not saved a confirmation dialog is shown.
  • Save session: [CTRL+S] Save the current session.
  • Save with name: [CTRL+SHIFT+S] Save the current session in a new files.
  • Preferences: Open the application settings dialog.
  • Toggle fullscreen: [F11] Enable/Disable fullscreen mode.
  • Exit: Close “Linux Show Player”, if the current session is not saved a confirmation dialog is shown.

Edit menu

  • Action cues: Allow to add different types of action-cues.
  • Media cues: Allow to add media-cues.
  • Media cue (from file): [CTRL+M] Allow to add multiple (audio) cues selecting the multimedia files.
  • Undo: [CTRL+Z] Undo the last action (the last action is shown in the bottom of the window).
  • Redo: [CTRL+Y] Redo the last undone action.
  • Select all: [CTRL+A] Select all the cues.
  • Select all media cues: Select all and only the media-cues
  • Deselect all: [CTRL+SHIFT+A] Deselect all the cues
  • Invert selection: [CTRL+I] Invert the selection of all the cues.
  • Edit selected cues: [CTRL+SHIFT+E] Open a multi-edit dialog for the selected cues.

Layout menu

This menu give access to layout functionality and display options for the current view.

Cart Layout

  • Add page/Add pages: Allows to add one or multiple pages on the current layout. Pages can be switched using the tab bar on top of the layout or directional keys.
  • Remove current page: Remove the current page and all its cues
  • Countdown mode: Cues will display the remaining time instead of the elapsed time.
  • Show seek-bars: Media cues will display a seek bar, allowing to directly seek to a specific time of the cue.
  • Show dB-meters: Media cues will display a dB meter on their right side.
  • Show volume: Media cues will display a volume control on their right side. Setting the volume to the middle point (50%) of the slider sets the volume to +0dB.
  • Show accurate time: When checked, cues will display play time with a precision of 0.1s. When unchecked the time is only precise down to 1s.

List Layout

  • Show playing cues: Show / hide the “Right List” and list control buttons;
  • Show dB-Meters: Show / hide the db-meters for running media-cues;
  • Show seek-bars: Show / hide seek bars for running media-cues;
  • Show accurate time: Show / hide tens of seconds for running media-cues;
  • Auto-select next cue: If enabled the next cue is selected automatically.


Plugins can add their entries or sub-menus here (see the plugins pages).


Info about “Linux Show Player” and some of the used technologies.