This plugin can be used to send the timecode of your running audio files over ArtNet or MIDI, to trigger cues inside a lighting control software or lighting desk such as “Chamsys MagicQ”.

This plugin works is meant as an alternative to the Chamsys Winamp plugin, which doesn’t work under Linux. To get a general idea what is this all about, have a look this video.


In order to use ArtNet, you need OLA installed, and a running OLA session on your computer.

To make sure that OLA is up and running, http://localhost:9090 should display the OLA interface.


You can configure the plugin in File > Preferences > Plugins > Timecode Settings

Timecode - Preferences
  • Timecode Format: choose between SMPTE, FILM and EBU. The format has to match the timecode used by the software which receives it.

  • Timecode Protocol: the protocol used to send the timecode

Cue Options (Timecode)#

You can enable timecode for each media cues.

Timecode - Cue options
  • Enable Timecode: enables sending timecode for this cue

  • Replace HOURS by a static track number: if checked, the HOURS field in the timecode is replaced by a static number, which can be used to identify which track currently sends timecode to your lighting software

  • Track number: the value to use if the above option is checked


If you work with multiple cue-lists on your lighting desk you than can choose the following setup as example:

  • cuelist 1 refers to track 1 and uses HOUR=1

  • cuelist 2 refers to track 2 and uses HOUR=2

  • … and so on